EmergEd Holistic Postpartum Therapy Program




EmergEd holistic postpartum therapy program is for new families with babies 0-3 months. It’s a ready made postpartum plan that spans over the course of seven weeks and allows new mums and their partners to sit in a different expert-led support circle each session. Registrants will explore topics such as birth story, hormones + mental health; diet, sleep, newborn + infant sleep; your vagina + pelvic floor; sex + relationships; body image, movement; going back to work and childcare.

The program structure pairs traditional peer-to-peer and group talk therapy with access to practitioners who are vital to lowering anxieties and promoting postpartum healing. Through self-discovery, a woman will find confidence in her individual mothering style, help relationships to blossom and experience physical healing through shared experiences and growth.

Who’s involved?

Genee Lister, Registered Nurse Midwife and Doula

Michelle Monk, RPT and Pelvic Floor Specialist

Dorothy Bradshaw, MPH and Child and Infant Sleep Consultant

Hannah Jones, MNutr – Dietetics

Tina Laws, Relationship Coach, MSc

Angela Hovi, Postpartum Personal Trainer + Maternal Mental Health Advocate

Calvina Simons, Newborn Care + Childcare Specialist


*Please contact us for a brief chat about whether this program is a right fit for your family.


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