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Jul 28
Tea Tasting + Vision Boarding in Fertility and Pregnancy w/ Kristen

The buzzword is “vision board”, but you don’t have the time (or a…

Jun 10
Queer Parents-To-Be Fertility Peer Support Group

Queer Parents To Be is a biweekly peer-run support space supported by the LGBTQ+…

Apr 13
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group for Parents (PSI)

Our online Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support for Parents group provides connection for…

Aug 02
Kallie Marcus Shares 5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know that the benefits are beyond…

Jul 21
Sleep Disorders During Pregnancy & When to See a Specialist

Likely because sleep problems are so common during this stage, many…

Jul 17
Sleeping for Two: Ways to Kick Insomnia in Pregnancy

Quality sleep is essential, yet close to impossible during pregnancy: a…

Jul 10
Why It’s Important to See a Physiotherapist During Pregnancy

Michelle Monk, RPT - A registered physiotherapist…

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