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May 05
Celebrating Midwives in Bermuda with Genee Lister and Corynne Edwards

This Wednesday is International Day of the Midwife! Join us for a live chat with…

Mar 25
Padma Doula Training

Time: 11 AM – 3 PMThis is the second day of a two-day training.  The course will…

Mar 25
Padma Doula Training

Time: 11 AM – 3 PM This training is a 2-day training. -Reading is required…

Mar 19
Shifting the Paradigm of Birth | Thoughts from a Trauma-Informed Movement Coach

We are starting to wake up to the reality that most of the systems that we…

Mar 10
Birth, Balance & Beyond with Michelle Monk, Physiotherapist

Calling all Mamas 32 weeks and beyond in their pregnancy to join Michelle Monk at 1:30…

Aug 19
Bermuda Doulas Come Together to Make a Difference

As of September 2020, four Bermuda birth professionals will be joining…

Aug 12
What is Perineal Massage? Advice from local RPT

Michelle Monk, RPT - The perineum is the soft skin that…

Aug 12
6 Ways to Build a Good Relationship With Your OB-GYN

Many women find it difficult to bond with their doctor but, like any…

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