We’re for Girls (and Boys)

This is a supportive community of women-identified people working hard to turn their pregnancy, birthing, parenting goals into reality. The saying goes, “empowered women empower women.” Nonetheless, we’re thrilled to have man-identified friends, lovers and partners enjoy our environment too.

We’re Inclusive

LevWell is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. We welcome people of all backgrounds, are LGBTQ+ friendly, and encourage everyone to be themselves. This is a space where sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist or otherwise discriminatory language is not welcome. This means if you have something negative to say about a person here, we’re not okay with that & gossip is a no-no. In other words, no bad vibes.

We’re Mindful

At LevWell, some pretty real conversations happen about these crazy, wonderful and ugly times. We encourage everyone to join in to support, but understand that it can be a bit nerve wracking asking/answering the tough questions. Whether you’re here for a day, or for the entire journey, know that you’re not alone in what you’re going through. If you can’t find the help that you need from the community, contact us and we will get you on the right track.

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