Emerged Postpartum Therapy Program (Online)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a postpartum plan?

A postpartum plan is a layer that is added to your existing support system of friends and family. (Read more about it on our blog.) We’ve built one that includes the right practitioners to help you in these seven aspects of your postpartum, plus a group of woman at the same life stage. You don’t have to think about a thing. 

What is Emerged (Online)?

Emerged Holistic Postpartum Therapy Program (Online) is for new families with babies 0-3 months who want to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s a ready made postpartum plan that spans over the course of seven weeks and allows new mums and their partners to sit in a different expert-led support circle each session. 

What topics will be explored during the 7 weeks??

Registrants will explore: 

Birth story and the impact of processing (sharing is not mandatory)

Family and infant sleep 

Postpartum diet

Postpartum pelvic floor and physiotherapy 

Relationships and communication after baby

Postpartum training and body love

The 5th trimester - going back to work

What experts are involved?

wk 1 // registered nurse midwife + postpartum doula

wk 2 // family sleep consultant

wk 3 // registered physiotherapist + pelvic floor specialist

wk 4 // registered dietitian

wk 5 // relationship and communication specialist

wk 6 // certified postpartum personal trainer

wk 7 // newborn and infant childcare specialist

* We like to invite a certified lactation consultant to join one circle on a needs basis. 

How is it set up?

Once a week (same time every week), Emerged registrants will get to sit in an expert-led circle. They will get a chance to check in with their community while gaining access to leading industry answers to their questions.

The program is delivered completely online using a secure platform that includes 24/7 support chat group, notifications for prompted exercises, the latest industry standard information from your expert village and prompted e-journaling.

The program structure pairs traditional peer-to-peer and group talk therapy with access to practitioners who are vital to lowering anxieties and promoting postpartum healing. Through self-discovery, a woman will find confidence in her individual mothering style, help relationships to blossom and experience physical healing through shared experiences and growth.

How do I know that this is right for me?

Before starting the program, every woman will receive a mental health screening for perinatal mood disorders. As this is a preventative program and not active therapy, if we see any red flags, we will recommend and provide you with resources that might be better suited to your needs. 

This screening is completely free and can be set up by sending an email here

What are some of the benefits?

  • Access a community, care and information from the comfort of home
  • Be reassured with expert advice
  • Experience friendships that turn into lifelong companionship
  • Find real connection with other women at the same life-stage
  • Get focused tools for postpartum healing that can help with every aspect of womanhood.

Can a third-party buy this program for an individual?

Absolutely! Women are learning more and more about the necessary resources for baby's arrival and an Emerged registration is a great gift from a loved one or even from a group as a baby shower gift. 

Where can I purchase?

Head to The Well @ Bermuda shop to purchase or contact us if you need assistance. 

When does the next session start?

Emerged runs every 8 weeks. You can find the 2021 schedule below: 

February 25

April 22

June 17

August 12

October 7

December 2

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