Bermuda Doulas Come Together to Make a Difference

As of September 2020, four Bermuda birth professionals will be joining together to form a partnership in an effort to provide clients with the continuity of care and a high level of professional expertise they deserve. As of 1st September, doulas Katrina Ball, Fiona Dill and Genee Lister (midwife) and Feven Binega-Northcott will form a collective called The Doula Difference.


Katrina Ball is coming back into doula work after having 2 children.  She is a lifelong learner and entrepreneur who is looking forward to returning to doula life!  

Fiona Dill is a childbirth educator, one of the most experienced Doulas on the island,  mum of 6 children, and a new grandmother. She has been attended over 400 births and gives 10% of her childbirth-related earnings to support better reproductive care in Sierre Leone.

Genee Lister is returning to Bermuda in August 2020, after many years in the United States. Over the last few years she has been providing midwifery-led care in a birthing center in Annapolis.

Feven Binega-Northcott is a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator in Bermuda and mother of two children. In addition to being a doula, she holds a full-time teaching position at a local Montessori school.

The cost of service is straightforward: $1,200.00  ($400 retainer fee and $800 due at the second postnatal visit).

You may be wondering how this new partnership may benefit you….

Many Hands Make Light Work

Each new client will have a primary doula who will be their main support person/doula but through the pregnancy, there will be an opportunity to build a relationship with each of us, during prenatal meetings.  A group chat will allow updates as necessary and tips for support and comfort.  As a doula partnership, we will learn from each other which is to the great advantage of everyone. 

A Rested Doula

Naturally, most people hope for a fast and straightforward birth. In reality, physiological labour and birth is a process that requires many hours, and not uncommonly, 24 hours or more. Through establishing a shift system, it means that you will always have a rested doula who is ready to support you in the best way possible irrespective of how long your labour turns out. Working in shifts does not mean that if your doula’s shift is up and your baby is not born, that she will necessarily have to leave (the chances are she will stay if she can) but it does mean that you will get the best care possible from a doula who you know and who has the knowledge and support of three other doulas behind her. 


In addition to our collective experience as doulas, our practice is informed by our combined expertise in Childbirth and Parenting Education, Women’s Health & Midwifery-Led Care, Early Childhood Education, and Child Development. These factors, coupled with their varying backgrounds in birth cultures, position them to be able to provide unique and diverse perspectives to their clients so you can make safe and informed choices for their birth. 

To learn more about The Doula Difference check out their websites at or or


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